The winter cookies a/k/a holiday stragglers post

IMG_0552There were times in December, when I felt like a piping machine, accompanied by powdered sugar puffs all over my kitchen (and self) and an arthritic future to boot. While I was definitely dreaming in cookies, I could barely get them baked, frosted and dried before it was time to send them off to their little holiday destinations.


Sometimes, I’m amazed I ever get pictures at all, because I usually allow no more than 10 minutes to find the camera, pick some good ones and shove the plate as close to a south facing window as possible. Just thinking about it stresses me out a little.


Maybe I should make a note to add that to my New Year’s resolutions. Plan ahead more…and don’t forget to feed the kids. So here’s the last of the 2012 holiday sets. I promise, for reals.



  1. Nora Tallmon   •  

    So tender and whimsical…your work is amazing. I wish I could taste one.

  2. noyomoco   •  

    These are lovely, Kristina! So sweet and fun. That little penguin melts my heart :)

    And, I’m with you on planning ahead more! I definitely want to get more organized :)

  3. Us   •  

    That little guy in the red hat looks mighty familiar!

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