Sunny sunflower wedding cookies

What could possibly improve a lush, mid-summer day, buzzing with love and anticipation for a shared life ahead? Sunflowers! Sunny, happy, message-bearing sunflowers!!! Ones that say, “Hey! We’re a thing now – a long time, love is kind, sickness and health – kind of THING now….  So, how about you have a cookie and maybe some other stuff later…to celebrate all these WONDERFUL THINGS!” Here’s one of the happy couple’s most enthusiastic celebrants, polishing off her third sunflower cookie!  Definitely a good thing!

Sweet June wedding cookies

Where I come from, June can be the sweet promise of lunch on the grass and shorts everyday. It’s  summer, when it’s tender and young. Damp, cool mists still occupy the mornings. It’s as if the month needs to be cajoled into the bright rays of noon day sun and all the harsh lines that such light reveals. Still, warm days brings comfort long into the night, and that’s why we pounce on them, call them wedding days, and wrap everything up in a month called June. Before this one slips by, I have a little wedding set of cookies
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Sub(lime) September wedding cookies

To our dear Kelsie, I am known as the “lady she baby sat for.” To me, Kelsie is the person who saved our hides so that I could work to pay the mortgage on a house that wouldn’t sell, a confidante – and most importantly – the playful, but respected awesomeness that took care of my kids six plus hours a week for almost four years. Before I met Kelsie, she fell in love with her high school sweetheart, James.  They were destined for each other, difficult military deployments and all. This past Labor Day weekend, Kelsie and James were
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