Finally! Some Christmas cookies!

Although the snow has yet to really fly this Christmas season for us, I couldn’t wait to break out the snowflake and mitten cutters. The boundless options for snowflakes are always appealing.  So many designs – all unique!  Also, there’s a simplicity to making snowflake cookies.  Usually, I decorate with white on white, with a little snow shimmer to finish.  The cookies are flooded in white the night before and the next night, creativity can step right in without a stop at the icing color mixing station. The mittens didn’t take too much more thinking, just a bit of red
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Santa on the half shell with a cupcake for dessert and a reindeer chaser

I really should be asleep now, preparing for a day full of children  and…well, I guess that’s enough. The thing is, I have Christmas cookies on the brain, including these Santa cookies that wedged their little Christmas personas onto some unlikely cutters (as if I didn’t already have enough Santa cutters). Santa on the half shell, of course. Followed by a sweetheart of a guy, his cupcake cousin. And, finally, Cupid and Vixen.  Are they feuding again? Merry Christmas, everyone! Kristina

Scandinavian Santas and some socks

Early this December, like many before, I traveled to a Scandinavian Christmas shop with my relatives, to pick something that reminded me of my Swedish (but not real blonde) roots. (; The shop is full of red and white decorations in simple, bold designs. The tomte (or tomten), the little Swedish elf that brings presents on Christmas eve, is one of my favorites. Some of the crafted tomtes I’ve seen, including the ones my Swedish Grandma used to bring to me, are made of wooden balls painted red and dotted with black for buttons. On top is another ball, dabbed with a
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Good old Santa Claus!

What’s better than Santa? A plate full of Santas! What’s better than that? Santa with a Frosty friend! What’s better than that? Frosty tripled! What’s better than that? Everybody, times a gazillion. What’s better than that? The gang, on the dessert table. ***Please see  carmen-rose’s Flickr site for the fabulous inspiration for this jolly old fella!