Late Easter bunnies and friends cookies

three bunnies cookies

Oh dear, I’m late, I’m late…to a very important date!!!  I wish it were just a spring tea party that could happen any old weekend, but alas, it was last weekend, Easter weekend. I made these cookies for a good friend’s family Easter celebration.  They were photographed and delivered on Easter Sunday (because I’m whirlwind like that) and then I had to figure out what to say about them and how to post them to my new fancy site.  So here we are, four days late. For these, I kinda just went with the flow.  I spent some zen moments
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Big steps for baby elephant


This little peanut muncher marches forward with big elephant strides to celebrate the coming arrival of a baby girl!  For this set, I was asked to make plated cookies, using pinks and grays for an evening baby shower.   I went with a modern theme, starting with the elephant and a collection of abstract flowers and leaves, including a dark gray polka dot accent leaf. All in all, a fun set.  It feels fresh and modern and full of spring.  Something my little corner of the world needs right now, as the snow falls all day in a persistent flurry.
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Sunny sunflower wedding cookies

What could possibly improve a lush, mid-summer day, buzzing with love and anticipation for a shared life ahead? Sunflowers! Sunny, happy, message-bearing sunflowers!!! Ones that say, “Hey! We’re a thing now – a long time, love is kind, sickness and health – kind of THING now….  So, how about you have a cookie and maybe some other stuff later…to celebrate all these WONDERFUL THINGS!” Here’s one of the happy couple’s most enthusiastic celebrants, polishing off her third sunflower cookie!  Definitely a good thing!

Quick garden cookies

This was just a quick little set of cookies I did during the hectic run up to the end of school. One of the last events of our year included a violin recital.While I had hoped to make music related cookies, I didn’t ever really believe I could manage it under the time and other pageant restraints. I already had the cookies on hand in my freezer; extras from a past set. All I needed to do was revamp the leftover colors from my last cookie project a day prior. One evening and a few hours later, we were ready
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Dahlias in plum and gray for baby k

My sweet friend Sally asked if I could make some cookies and help set the theme for a baby shower she was hosting for  a friend. Baby girl Kennedy is due to arrive soon and so we were hoping to strike a light, summer theme. As often happens, I didn’t need to look further than the mom’s baby registry at Pottery Barn and the Dahlia Nursery Bumper Bedding Set in Plum for inspiration. Ultimately, I did three cookie designs. The featured two were a monogram cookie with a gray and white background, to match the crib bumper. The second was a perfect replica
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