Butterfly and flower cookie pops/cupcake toppers

True, my current love affair with cookie pops pales in comparison to my daughter’s affection for butterflies. But in this particular project – the last of her birthday treats – the two came together and even invited a couple of flowers to the party. Technically, these cookies play dual roles as cupcake toppers and pops. Two for one. Decorated cookies just keep on giving, don’t they? I think the reason I’m a fan of the cookie pop is the flat craft sticks I use in lieu of the “official” pops offered by Wilton. First, the craft sticks are cheap, so
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Like moths to a flame, butterflies and the great big sun cookie pops

Here are the rest of the cookies for my charity basket, finished on the “fly” over the weekend. This last group included more bugs (of the butterfly variety), and a basket-toppling sun that was meant to mimic tapestry. Included here are some shots of the basket, half full. In the end, I learned a little about marketing and the fine line between time crunch (my life, in a phrase) and darn near failure. Two lessons here: 1) Get a BIG basket to allow space to show off each cookie. My basket was way to small and I ended up stuffing
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Irish hearts and St. Pat’s odds ‘n ends

Here’s the last few cookies that made their way into my St. Pat’s themed cookie basket.  This week, other obligations have kept me from my cookie decorating dreams, and it’s killing me!  Hopefully, I can get to something new and spring-like this weekend…. For this set, I played around with common images for shamrocks and their flowers. The Irish hearts were based on the simplest Celtic designs I could find. And red – green’s complementary color – was added for love and balance.  Also, it’s my favorite color, so it’s hard to leave that Super Red food color bottle alone.  (:

Luck with shamrock pops

Everything’s coming up…shamrocks! Here’s a few from a cookie basket I did for a charity auction last week. My husband was gone skiing with the “bigs,” and the “littles” were home with me. In my typical last-minute fashion, I needed to wait until the early afternoon to ensure the icing was dry enough to package and arrange the cookies in the basket. Of course, there were whirlwind pictures to take before breaking out the cellophane and ribbon, which pushed things back a bit more. When the delivery window before the auction narrowed to the smallest sliver of time, I called
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