Summertime cakes!


Before the days of swimsuits drying on the back deck and homemade popsicles slip into school hours and talk of Halloween costumes, I wanted to share a couple of my “summertime cakes,” made to celebrate little girls who were lucky enough to be born in the summer, when a pool party will always make the short list….


The first cake was made for just that – a pool birthday party –  with (you guessed it) a BEACH BALL theme! Everything was done in bright primary colors and the birthday girl bounced into age 5 with a fondant enrobed chocolate cake, filled with chocolate pastry cream and strawberry buttercream.  Mmmmm!


The second cake was a traditional chocolate layer cake with a raspberry buttercream filling and a fluffy chocolate frosting, finished off with a smattering of pastel sprinkles. The focus here was on the birthday girl’s beloved Croc sandals, perfect for that pool birthday party with family!


For this cake, I cut out a white fondant plaque, let it dry, and then applied the lettering and design with flood consistency royal icing. After I applied the final layer of icing on the cake (after a valiant attempt to create a flat, level top surface), I placed the dried plaque on top. Thereafter, I added the sprinkles, borders and fondant flower details. The flowers were also made in advance to give them time to dry.

All in all, these cakes served as a perfect summer past time for this hopelessly devoted baker.



  1. Nora   •  

    Love the Josie cake!

  2. Us   •  

    That ball is incredible! So creative… How cute are the crocks?. You make it look all so easy.

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