Santa on the half shell with a cupcake for dessert and a reindeer chaser


I really should be asleep now, preparing for a day full of children  and…well, I guess that’s enough. The thing is, I have Christmas cookies on the brain, including these Santa cookies that wedged their little Christmas personas onto some unlikely cutters (as if I didn’t already have enough Santa cutters).


Santa on the half shell, of course.


Followed by a sweetheart of a guy, his cupcake cousin.


And, finally, Cupid and Vixen.  Are they feuding again?


Merry Christmas, everyone!




  1. noyomoco   •  

    Haha, these are wonderful! Love the santas and the reindeer :) Hope you have a fabulous Christmas, Kristina!

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  3. Karen Boehlert   •  

    Every time I see one of your cookie works of art, my chin drops! Absolutely gorgeous.

  4. Ginny Thielsen   •  

    Love, love love these, LOL when I saw vixen!

  5. Sandie   •  

    These are so cute. Thanks for sharing.

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