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lots of lemons cookies

lots of lemons

This time of year, when it’s still a little too chilly in the mornings to go out without a coat (puffy down, in my case), I pour over those glossy home-scape magazines like Pottery Barn, West Elm and Wiliams Sonoma that feature sun dappled and cobalt blue patterned dishes, freshly reproduced from a seemingly archeologically significant dig.

lemon and heart cookies on pan

The dishes are casually displayed on a teak wood table, worn from sea wind and years of casual cocktails and sparkling lemonade on the patio of a palazzo on an Italian coast, reflecting an elusive Mediterranean lifestyle.

lemon cookie

If the picture expanded beyond the table ware, we’d see the striking blue sky against the building’s white and then we’d take a deep breath – and then a drink – because it’s warm and all we have to do today is sunbathe and later dress up in some kind of fabulous dress.

tile and heart cookies

lemon cookie collection

So…these cookies were meant to evoke THAT.  That sun-resting-on-your-beautiful-self feeling we get on vacation.  When there’s nothing to do but sleep and explore and eat wonderful fresh things that are good for you because they were drizzled in olive oil and served with a sparkling drink with a label that includes the letters “b-e-l-l-a.”

tile cookieslemon cookie

I had a pattern in mind for the “tile cookies,” but I was loose with it to achieve an artisinal feel.  When dry, I lightly airbrushed the tiles with pearl gold, to hint at antiquity.  The lemon and leaf drawings were done on a dry cookie and then painted on with watered down food coloring.  The white flowers were airbrushed with a pearl silver.

flower cookies and blue heart cookies

And then there are the hearts, because they mean the best thing.  (;



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    These are my favorite ever…who knew that cookies could have a surplus of meaning–on top of being deliciously beautiful?

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