Let’s go SAINTS! cookies


Who dat said they gon bake dem Saints cookies? Who dat? Me, me!


A work associate of my husband’s and a really great guy is a die hard New Orlean’s Saints fan.


For his birthday this year, he asked for Saints cookies and I couldn’t wait to dive into the black and gold.


In honor of the Saint’s 2013 season opener today and their late possession WIN over the Falcons (go defense!!!), I thought I’d post this Saints set.


Before this little post is over, I must admit that while I spent a couple wonderful years in Louisiana in my early twenties, my true loyalties lie with my husband’s beloved hometown team. If you look closely, you might guess who dat.


I couldn’t resist sneaking it in the set. Our buddy assured me that, he too, couldn’t resist biting into it first and bucking that bronco out of the field. Touche and…game on! (;



  1. Us   •  

    Fantastic job as usual and such a fun, feel good story!

  2. Amy S   •  

    You sound like an actual football fan! ;) Love those cookies!

    • paddle attachment   •  

      lol. I watched a whole 2 minutes of a 5 minute wrap up of the game to get those highlights. I’m glad you bought it (sort of). (;

  3. Bill   •  

    And to top it all off, looks weren’t the only part. They tasted amazing!! Said this guy, the Saints fan, who ate nearly all of them!!

    • paddle attachment   •  

      Thanks, Bill! I’m so glad you liked the cookies! Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

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