Late Easter bunnies and friends cookies

three bunnies cookies

three bunnies cookies

Oh dear, I’m late, I’m late…to a very important date!!!  I wish it were just a spring tea party that could happen any old weekend, but alas, it was last weekend, Easter weekend.

carrot and flower cookies

I made these cookies for a good friend’s family Easter celebration.  They were photographed and delivered on Easter Sunday (because I’m whirlwind like that) and then I had to figure out what to say about them and how to post them to my new fancy site.  So here we are, four days late.

butterfly cookie

For these, I kinda just went with the flow.  I spent some zen moments with my cookie cutter bins and pulled out the cutters that “spoke to me.”  I knew I wanted to do some hand painting (details on the carrots) and some airbrushing.  I airbrushed the butterflies and the flowers.  

lamb cookie

I picked out the lamb cutter and piped a design I’d thought about previously for a baby shower.  This swirly stencil I’d used for Christmas tree ornament cookies was perfect for creating “wool.”

bunny with bow tie

The bunnies with their matching bow ties were for fun because kids love animals and big silly stuff.  Kind of like adults like Jimmy Fallon trying on Shaq’s coat.

jimmy fallon shaq coat

Overall, a fun set that felt like me.  No Kopy Kake projector and no stress.  I also used these new tip-less piping bags from China, recommended by Jill at Jill’s Funky Cookie Studio and available here on Ebay.  These bags have simplified my cookie life forever and not a minute too soon.  

I hope everybody had a wonderful Easter/spring weekend.  My crowd certainly did!

easter collection cookies





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