Cookies so fast…


you almost miss them! I made this set for my cousin’s birthday party. Before the cookies whizzed by in a lightning flash of speed and pre teen enthusiasm, could you tell the kiddo’s name, age and party venue? Yes? Hopefully yes?


These cookies incorporated the logo of the Fast Kart Speedway where Max and his friends adeptly made their way around the track (numerous times, I believe) before pizza and pop. I copied the image and then drew out his name and age to match the lettering of the original logo.


The icing process began with 12-14 second flood icing. First I piped the edge of the rounds with a Wilton #2. Then I flooded the rounds with a Wilton #3. Once dried, I used the Kopy Kake to project the image onto the cookies and piped in the black outlines with a PME #1.5 tip. Once dried, I filled in the red and blue areas with a Wilton #2. The next day, before packaging the cookie favors, I added the fine details (like individual fingers!) with a fine point food marker in black.


For that final racing touch, I used “checkered flag” ribbon (also known as the Harlequin pattern in other settings) and called it a day. My friend Amy’s comment on the cookies:  “they just ooze speed.” Mission accomplished.  (;


  1. Us   •  

    What fun!

  2. Laura   •  

    Lucky Max! Lucky friends of Max! Cookies are amazing…such detail. And, the checkered ribbon is perfect..

  3. noyomoco   •  

    Perfection!! You did such an awesome job on these, Kristina :)

  4. Amy S   •  

    fast cookies!! So cute!

  5. Susie   •  

    And the birthday boy loved them! Thanks so much Kristina!

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