Closer to my peeps – Cookie Con 2014!

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Cookies submitted for the "Spring" category, inspired by the delightful illustrations from Daniel Roode's children's book, "Little Bea."

Cookies submitted for the “Spring” category, inspired by the delightful illustrations from Daniel Roode’s children’s book, “Little Bea.”

 I’ve crossed off an item on my bucket list that’s susceptible to crumbling, a link to new friendships and can serve as the canvas for all kinds of creative inspiration!  This item is Cookie Con – a conference held in Salt Lake City, Utah that hosts sugar cookie decorators from all over the globe.  Seriously.  I heard all kinds of Australian and Eastern European voices this past weekend!

Spokane's River Front Park to illustrate "Home"

Spokane’s River Front Park to illustrate “Home”

Along with all that geographic diversity is a deep well of baking and artistic talent, all wound together by confectioner’s sugar and the amazing stuff you can do with cookies and icing.  The event hosts a number of workshops by “cookie celebrities,” time to try out new techniques, lots of down time to get to know your cookie peeps and a Sugar Show – showcasing the amazing art of my fellow cookiers.  That’s right, I said cookiers.  It’s a term of art.  (:

Easy, abstract flower cookie for "Anything Goes" category

Easy, abstract flower cookie for “Anything Goes” category

I didn’t win.  But I won a couple new friends and I met some lovely local cookiers, like Amanda or Libby of Swanky Sweets.  Here I am with two sweet gals who befriended a gal cookie-conferencing it alone.  Thanks Becca and Amy, you were both so wonderful to meet!!!












Goodbye for now to Salt Lake – I leave with new energy and inspiration for my craft.  Also, I think an airbrush is in my future (and likely a lot of extra kitchen clean-up).  I can’t wait until next time!



  1. Becca Johnson   •  

    I loved talking with you my friend!!! So so very glad we got to hang out! Your cookies are fantastic! I’m so glad you shared them with me. Keep em’ coming!

    • Kristina   •     Author

      Hi Becca! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! It was so wonderful to meet you at CookieCon! Looking forward to more conversations and to admiring your hand painted sugar beauties! Take care, Kristina

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