Tie onesie cookies and coconut cake

full set with onesie feature

Celebrating the arrival of little boys with soft blues is a party theme favorite for me. This set was for a “sip and see” shower to welcome the arrival of baby John. I made favor cookies, tied up in cellophane bags with silver-gray ribbon and a coconut rose design cake, incorporating that soft blue into the buttercream roses.  The cake was finished with a dash of toasted coconut. I tucked that same coconut into the layers for some extra crunch. For the bottle cookies, I wanted to use that deep yellow of early fall and the signature baby boy blue.
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Sweet Little Spaceman

spaceman cookie set

Oh dear, the summer definitely came, and in a blink turned into crinkly yellow leaves flitting around the sidewalk. Darn it! There were so many bright, hopeful happy color creations I could have blogged about, if only the manufactured “beach” smell of off brand sunscreen and preschoolers running too close to the pool weren’t distracting me…. So I come to you now a few projects behind but I can affirm that this little spaceman set is right off the presses! Just as soon as school started, a friend asked for help celebrating her 5-year-old son’s mid-September birthday with a blast
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Too cute to care about sugar dental care cookies

dental care cookie set

My daughter’s preschool has a fundraising auction every year about this time.  A friend whose daughter’s class was putting together a dental care basket (full of real dental care items like electric toothbrushes and such) asked that I make some dental themed cookies to throw in for fun.  Or maybe just to ensure that the basket winner would indeed have teeth to clean! I started with the teeth – so cute – all animated and cavity free!  Also, can you believe that they actually make tooth cookie cutters?  Apparently, dental care cookies are a thing.   Cookies to actually bake,
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Mediterranean Lifestyle Lemon Cookies

lots of lemons cookies

This time of year, when it’s still a little too chilly in the mornings to go out without a coat (puffy down, in my case), I pour over those glossy home-scape magazines like Pottery Barn, West Elm and Wiliams Sonoma that feature sun dappled and cobalt blue patterned dishes, freshly reproduced from a seemingly archeologically significant dig. The dishes are casually displayed on a teak wood table, worn from sea wind and years of casual cocktails and sparkling lemonade on the patio of a palazzo on an Italian coast, reflecting an elusive Mediterranean lifestyle. If the picture expanded beyond the
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Late Easter bunnies and friends cookies

three bunnies cookies

Oh dear, I’m late, I’m late…to a very important date!!!  I wish it were just a spring tea party that could happen any old weekend, but alas, it was last weekend, Easter weekend. I made these cookies for a good friend’s family Easter celebration.  They were photographed and delivered on Easter Sunday (because I’m whirlwind like that) and then I had to figure out what to say about them and how to post them to my new fancy site.  So here we are, four days late. For these, I kinda just went with the flow.  I spent some zen moments
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