I’m Kristina, a hopelessly devoted baker.  Welcome to my new site!  Since 2011, I blogged at www.paddleattachment.com, a site named after the often used “paddle attachment” on my beloved Kitchen Aid mixer.  Despite my best explanation efforts, many people aren’t familiar with the term (and double meaning) of paddle attachment, so I decided to change the name to Cherish Sweets – a name that for me – evokes happy occasions worth celebrating with something sweet made from scratch.

My back story is still the same – I grew up baking and have memories of working in a swirl of flour while my parents gave me free reign to make French pastries in our home kitchen, so long as I promised to clean up afterwards.  When stressed or facing a free evening, I will often turn on the oven and try out a new recipe.

I read and re-read every page of baking cookbooks on road trips and in between.  I often insist on making the birthday cakes for family and friends and force them to “take the cake” after events big and small. 

A few years ago, I stumbled upon the art of decorated sugar cookies and the amazing community of bakers online.  I haven’t set the piping bag (or the laptop) down yet….

I’ve always loved a tender buttery sugar cookie, which now serves as the perfect edible canvas for icing creations beyond limit.  These days, my “take the cake” attitude applies to all kinds of sweet treats.  I make decorated sugar cookies – as individually wrapped and ribboned party favors  – and as plated treats.  I also make custom designed birthday, wedding and other celebration cakes and pastries.  It feeds my soul and I cherish every minute of this sweet endeavor!