A cookie encounter with Johnny Depp


When I became cookie addicted a couple of years ago, who knew that Johnny Depp, in all his Captain Jack Sparrow regalia, would become a part of my cookie collection? I’m thrilled (and relieved) because I think this is the closest I’ll ever get to a pirate. Plus, I’ve heard he’s sweet….


I made this set for a fundraising auction for my son’s preschool. You guessed it, the theme was Pirates of the Caribbean, so I made a wrapped cookie set full of all the pirate-y things I could imagine. Including:

A palm tree (on a tiny deserted island), a treasure map and doubloons.


A star fish and sea shells.


A pirate ship and a jumping dolphin.


An anchor and tropical flowers.


And Johnny and his flag (one more pic, just for luck).


All wrapped up with someplace to go!



  1. Us   •  

    Nail it, you did! Incredible, amazing.

  2. noyomoco   •  

    Ok, I’m in love with this set! You did such an awesome job! I love Jack Sparrow and you really captured him perfectly :)

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